Monday, October 31, 2022

Truth in Education: which majors go into which jobs?

Research from Conlon & Patel showing that "many more students expect to attain their major’s stereotypical career than actually work in that job: 

  • 65% of prospective art majors expect to be artists (only 17% are), 
  • 63% of biology majors expect to be doctors(23% are), 
  • 42% of communications/journalism majors expect to be writers or journalists (4% are), 
  • 62% of psychology majors expect to be counselors (21% are), 
  • Majors more likely to end in disappointment:  "—e.g., fine arts, humanities, communications, psychology—have both rare stereotypical careers and low-paying alternatives." 
  • Majors less likely to end in disappointment: "STEM, business, education, and nursing, either because these majors’ stereotypical careers are objectively quite common or because wages are high even for those who end up in non-stereotypical careers."
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