Monday, April 19, 2010

Blonde Women Make More Money

According to a forthcoming study , "Physical appearance and wages: Do blondes have more fun?" in Economic Letters:
This study investigates the influence of hair colour, in particular blonde hair, on women’s own wages and also their spouse’s wages using a large U.S. data set. Regression results indicate that blonde women receive a wage premium equivalent in size to the return for an extra year of schooling. A significant blondeness effect is also evident in the marriage market. Blonde women are no more or less likely to be married; but, their spouse’s wages are around six percent higher than the wages of other spouse’s.


  1. I know why blondes earn more money. The two kinds of women that earn more money than normal are blondes and prostitutes, the common link being sex. They both offer sex. Blonde women do get attention for being blonde mostly from racist men and there is a lot of racism. Rich men use blonde women in the same opportunistic way they use them. Marrying a blonde is a ticket into a racist society and the man's claim to superiority in that circle whether social or business. There aren't as many blondes either, so they get scooped up by all the racist men. Pretty Blondes have always had special treatment in racist societys and that is why today they are seen as aggressive, especially towards other women who are attractive or more attractive than them. They have a lot of confidence in their blonde hair and that is why they will go as far as stalking their competition (especially pretty brunettes) in order to compete. They go everywhere the brunette goes trying to steal the attention and when all else fails, they'll bend over and show you their rear end with all confidence that their prized asset will win in the end. Sometimes a pretty big breasted brunnete can have two or three blondes stalking her at once. Furthermore, when the president of the blonde association tells you that blonde women are successful in the workplace because when they make a mistake they can give the excuse of being blonde, she's lying. What really happens is that when the blonde woman makes a mistake, she bends over and shows her boss her rear end and says, "whats more important boss, the mistake, or my rear end? where the boss replys, "well your rear end, of course." The boss then seizes the opportunity for the rare blonde and asks for her hand in marriage, whereupon, she says, "yes, but only if you give me a raise." That's what really happens. I'm glad there is finally some proof against a racist society and I hope more research will be done. Oh Yeah, blondes do have more fun... stalking their competition...

  2. It is no secret that in white communities in UK and US, every new generation is a racially preferencial generation and most of them are blondes which are not only proud of their appearance but their hair colour and white skin in general

    These people are very nice amongst themselves as seen in usual hollywood films but when they get to or have to interact with people of other colours , they get quite stressed because all year long they spend their lives collecting the stereotypes of people in their heads and accumulating disgust and fear against them so when it comes to interaction , the negative flows like a river and they end up just as they are.

    You can judge a white person by standing behind them in a queue and you will know all

    Britain is a very political country ut its not the msot tolerant country either

    Racism is a part of its DNA culture and every basis

    Its a common scene that all the whites who interact with coloured people are either brunette or ginger

    Blondes hardly go out of their circle but the most they can do is accept blacks

    In britain there is a huge tension between brown and white people

    For some reason white people of which blonde people feel threatened of brown people , alot !

    This feeling of being threat is somehow inborn and is genetic

    Thats my daily sainsburys experience

    Whats yours ???