Friday, April 2, 2010

That didn't take long

15 states reduce costs with furlough Fridays for state workers. Businesses are responding with price discrimination schemes to reduce prices to these low-value buyers.
  • Lake Tahoe offers a "Frickin' Friday" $15 ticket for furloughed California employees; the normal adult lift price is $47.
  • In Lincoln, Calif., the Thunder Valley Casino offers furloughed state workers $30 in coupons on Fridays, which can be used for dessert, side dishes and $5 match play at the tables.
  • In Adel, Ga., Ben Rehberg says he got the idea to offer 10% discounts to furloughed state workers there for his computer-repair service after he was furloughed last year from his main job as a state technical consultant.
  • a California associate personnel analyst, started a Web site called "Fantastic Furlough" listing all the discounts available to furloughed state employees around Sacramento. They include 30% off eyebrow waxing, braids and other services at Itz Ur Tyme Hair Design and 10% off lunches at Miyagi Bar & Sushi (not including alcohol.)

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