Monday, November 2, 2009

Paying for Bone Marrow Donation

If I needed to pick up a little extra cash, I could go to one of the many plasma collection facilities in the area and probably make $50 for a couple of hours work. Or, I could try to make a heck of a lot more by hawking one of my kidneys. The government has no problem with my doing the first but has some serious objections to the second. Why?

One argument is that plasma is renewable, so the decision to donate doesn't involve irrevocably parting with a portion of my body that won't grow back. If you find this line of argument to be at least partially persuasive, what do you think about the ban on compensating bone marrow donors? It seems to me that it's pretty similar to the plasma case. Others appear to agree and are pressuring Congress to repeal the ban.

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