Monday, November 2, 2009

Demand for Hand Sanitizer

H1N1 has caused demand for hand sanitizer to more than double.

Should I have gotten my flu shot in September? I am always on the margin for this decision. I am at low risk for transmission, but the cost is low (though transactions costs could be high). Hand sanitizing is effective against transmission of the H1N1 flu as well as the run-of-the-mill annual flu bug. Because of this, the non-H1N1 flu is likely not to be as big a problem this Winter (it will be interesting to see how much). Since there is a smaller chance that I would catch non-H1N1 flu from some contagious student, my willingness-to-pay for the non-H1N1 shot should have fallen. As it turns out, my physician offered it to me at zero marginal price at my annual check up. My willingness-to-pay fell but the price fell even more.

Hat tip: Craig Depken

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