Monday, June 23, 2008

Why to Vote Republican

In honor of my co-blogger, an acknowledged McCain supporter, here's a video of other like-minded folks explaining why they will vote Republican.


  1. Question: doesn't Senator Obama's objections to trade deals, like NAFTA and CAFTA, go against the central message of our book?, e.g., voluntary transactions make parties better off?

  2. Sure. Like the video says, we all "just love cheap plastic crap from China." I am just trying to present a "fair and balanced" picture like everyone's favorite news source (along with giving a little tweak to all my Republican friends).

    But doesn't expending any effort to support a candidate (even voting) go against an even more central message of the book? The benefits (I assume it's the small change in your personal welfare if your candidate is elected times the probability that your personal action will change the outcome) just don't outweigh the costs. Perhaps the only people who this might make sense for are those lining the candidates' (of both parties) pockets with cash.