Thursday, June 26, 2008

Candidates differ on 4 key issues

Here is a nice characterization of the differences between Senators McCain and Obama on four big issues that wont go away.

The budget deficit.
The U.S. government has made promises to pay health and retirement benefits that will cost far more than projected taxes will yield. Neither candidate talks much about how -- or even if -- he'd try to fix this; most voters don't want to hear about it.

  • Sen. Obama leans toward bigger government (more taxes, more spending)
  • Sen. McCain leans toward smaller government (less taxes, less spending.)

Health care. The system is so complex it's hard to describe; same applies for proposed solutions.

  • Sen. Obama offers a mix of changes, many but not all involving government money, and argues the best solution will emerge from some experimentation.
  • Sen. McCain would, instead, make the market for health insurance more like the market for computers or cars, relying more on individuals shopping for insurance to create competition now largely absent in health care.

Inequality. The gap between economic winners and losers in the U.S. is growing. ... There is significant disagreement among politicians and voters about how hard the government should restrain market forces that are widening the income gap, particularly how much the tax code should redistribute income.

  • The differences between the candidates are sharp: Sen. Obama would wield the tax code more aggressively than Sen. McCain.

Globalization. It isn't going away. But for all the benefits it brings American consumers (and Chinese workers), the toughening competition is frightening to Americans, both as workers and as parents. ...The solution ... probably lies in assuring Americans that they aren't fending for themselves in an increasingly competitive economy -- that their health insurance won't evaporate if they lose a job and that the U.S.'s schools are preparing their children to succeed.

  • Sen. McCain [extols] the benefits of free trade,
  • Sen. Obama, ... the costs.

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