Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why does Castro own an American-made track suit?

Former student John Tamny charges that the candidates are repeating one of Napolean's many mistakes by assuming that an embargo will prevent Cubans from indirectly trading with the US.

Napoleon “did not realize until it was too late that the only closed political economy is the world economy. Britain could not be starved into submission by blockade unless she were totally cut off from the world. As long as Britain could trade with any nation outside France, it was thus trading indirectly with France.”—Jude Wanniski, The Way The World Works ...

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have said they’ll maintain the five decade long embargo on Cuba. ... The silliest policy of all is to impose embargos in the first place. So long as anyone in the world economy wants to buy, there will be a seller.
To find out Napolean's biggest blunder, watch the "battle of wits" from the Princess Bride (answer at 2:45 minutes).

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