Sunday, March 5, 2023

Political fund dilemma

The Economist has a nice summary of the contradictions of ESG investing:

There are plenty of problems with the esg movement. Working out if assets are esg-compliant is complex, and prone to bias, mismeasurement and public-relations peacocking. Proponents of feel-good investing want to have their cake and eat it, insisting that the focus on stakeholders is actually better for shareholders, too.
But it also correctly identifies the problems with anti-ESG inveting:
At the moment, taking a position against esg is much more expensive than going with the crowd. This is particularly true when it comes to anti-esg laws, which are more preoccupied with bashing esg-promoting firms than with prioritising shareholder returns and cutting costs for taxpayers.
BOTTOM LINE: letting politics interfere with inveting criteria is going to cost you.

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