Thursday, August 25, 2022

Collapse of Britain's Single Payer

from link:
Breast cancer sufferers had critical mammograms cancelled due to the pandemic. Nine out of ten NHS dental practices are not accepting new adult patients. GPs are quitting in droves. An unwell father of two waits 20 hours in A&E, refusing to leave until he gets a blood test, which ultimately reveals he is suffering from terminal leukaemia. A patient who, during lockdown, had his blood pressure managed remotely finally discovers his problem isn’t high blood pressure: he’s got a brain tumour.



  1. This article is an opinion piece. I would be surprised if there weren't numerous healthcare workers in the US with lists loner than Dr. Emma Jones' of terrifying mishaps, inefficiencies, and problems. If this is supposed to convince me that the US system is better than the NHS, it should have included, comparison data -something to objectively analyze.

    1. The evolution of single payer health insurance
      by Tyler Cowen September 20, 2022 at 2:00 pm in Medicine
      This is one of the big underreported stories these days, namely that single payer systems are working far less well than they used to, including during the pandemic but not only. Eventually the blame will shift and will be put on something like “austerity,” whereas the deeper understanding was that those systems were bound to end up understaffed and undercapitalized all along. In any case, here is the latest from Sweden, circa summer 2022:

      In 2000, around 100,000 Swedes had private health insurance. Today, there are seven times as many, in a country of 10 million people. In 60% of cases, the insurance is paid for by the employer. According to the Swedish insurers’ organization Svensk Försäkring, the rate can vary from 300 to 600 crowns on average per month. For those dealing with health problems, the advantages are quicker consultations and avoiding long waiting lines.

      And that is from Le Monde, not the Heritage Foundation. The Canadian, British, and New Zealand systems are all in crisis too. But that narrative is not exactly tailor-made for today’s media environment…


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