Saturday, October 2, 2021

Price vs. Value

 Good post from Merle Hazard on the difference between Value and Price:

Simply put, price is what you pay for an investment, and value is what you get. ...Given that "price" and "value" are different, it is possible that the market quotation for an investment, its price, may be higher or lower than value. 

...Investors tend strongly to fall into one of two camps. 

Most primarily see publicly traded stocks, for example, as something akin to baseball trading cards. They are focused on price, not the underlying economics. ... If you have to sell in a hurry, it is impossible to deny that you are in the hands of others.

On the other hand, value believers see stocks as real pieces of real businesses, with an intrinsic worth independent of what others say. ... ...the "value" perspective yields the wisdom that a stock represents a real piece of a real business. As an owner, you have certain rights, like voting, electing directors, and getting your share of a dividend or liquidation. In the very long run, shareholders necessarily earn what the business earns.


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