Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Anheuser-Busch categorization of beer drinkers

  • 38% of beer consumers—the largest segment—are Loyalists. These are the core beer drinkers; they do a lot of their imbibing on premise and tend to socialize around beer and sports 
  • 25% are Experimenters. These are people who have a passion for beer and are less price sensitive. They’re looking for unique taste profiles and variety and gravitate toward craft brews 
  • 15% are Aspirers. Ethnic groups are more dominant in this segment and they tend to drink imported beers 
  • 12% are Trend Seekers. These consumers are all about creating memorable events around social occasions. Food/beer pairings are a popular way for this group to connect 
  • 10% are Sippers. There’s a skew toward females in this group, and beer is usually not their first beverage of choice. Sippers are spurring the growth of sweeter, fruity beers.
Link:  2017 study of the US beer market

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