Friday, April 16, 2021

Revealed preference: people are leaving California in droves

I grew up in San Diego and, despite the great weather and surf (swells three to four feet at ten-second intervals), I left the state for a better job.  Now, the National Review reports on the current exodus (links below are to past posts on the website about the Not-So-Golden State).

...what caused and continues to cause the exodus out of California is not tax burden, or regulation, or cost of living, or housing prices. Rather, it is the burden, and regulation, and cost of living, and housing prices, and more.
  • One making $58,000 a year in California is in a marginal tax bracket (9.3 percent) nearly double that of someone in Arizona making over $500,000 a year (4.5 percent)
  • The top 5% of filers make 67% of tax payments, and they are starting to leave)
Unfunded pensions that have to be paid by future residents Cost of living:

BOTTOM LINE from Chapter 9:  the exodus will continue until residents are indifferent between living in California and elsewhere.   


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