Monday, October 25, 2010

Spin zone

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  1. Let's try to stir up some conversation. Here are a few of my thoughts from the video. Since it did not offer any solutions to fix the problem... neither will I.

    During the Bush Era 7.9 million jobs were created on the anticipation that consumers propensity to save would continue to decrease; yes I mean decrease to the point to where it is negative. This means we spent more money than we made. Businesses encouraged consumers to live beyond their means. Do politicians truly represent their constituents? At least they are trying to. Let’s spend our way out of this recession.

    Recovery Act and job creation? Sounds great. I’d like the stat on the number of jobs created due to permanent, excuse I mean temporary census workers and temporary transportation construction. Where will the workers go when the government money runs out? The private sector has a significant amount of cash sitting on the sidelines (I believe it might be largest amount ever?). The M&A markets are picking up. It looks like the private sector will begin overpaying to acquire firms once again. Too bad M&A usually leads to job cuts… great now what do we do? We should just wait and see what happens, maybe build a bridge to nowhere. Now that sounds good enough for government work.