Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Format Wars

A hot topic on this blog a few years ago was the HD-DVD / Blu-ray standards war. Here's a recent column from switched.com on 9 other format wars. If you thought the HD-DVD / Blu-ray "war" was tough, at least nobody involved in that one was electrocuting animals.

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  1. After reading chapter 15, why aren't we seeing more of these format wars following a Nash Equilibrium compromise? For example, why aren't rival formats sharing space in an industry to minimize losses/maximize gains? I could only recognize one format (AM and FM war), but otherwise I couldn't find any compromise in any of these format wars. Wasn't Nash's Equilibrium based on our natural reactions when multiple people/organizations have similar goals? Shouldn't we all inherently want to share the market in some fashion based on Nash's theories?