Monday, February 6, 2023

Department of occupational licensing run amok: TN Eyelash Specialists

From Reason Magazine: Free minds and Free markets 
 A proposal in Tennessee would regulate "eyelash services"—defined as "applying and removing a semi-permanent, thread-like, natural or synthetic single fiber to an eyelash," requiring 300 hours of training. 
The economics of its effects are simple:  barriers to entry reduce supply, raise prices, raise profits of incumbent eyelash specialists, and harm consumers.

This proposal has all the elements of a newsworthy scandal: special-interest groups (incumbents typically get grandfathered in, so the regulation will apply only to entrants), politics (how did eyelash specialists get this much much clout?  Enquiring minds want to know), all wrapped up in a worthy cause, domestic violence (we have to do something).

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