Thursday, May 19, 2022


 New Chapter to their textbook free and online, by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabbarock.  They explain cryptography, public and private keys, NFT's and # functions:

Here, for example, is a hash of the entire text of War and Peace: AB8257AE34CE51933B7D6F0B06A486CD1E189636C572B0723A5F 4E341B57A37A 

If you are wondering why it’s not a string of 256 0s and 1s, that’s simply because we encoded the same date in a shorter Hexadecimal format. An “A” in this format converts to 1010, for example. Now here is War and Peace hashed but with just one comma missing.

 F92D49FF6BF02E4B29469C8AC71A7D662E82139F0AD4EC9D027 DF1AA86B23426 

The two hashes look completely different and that is the sense in which a hash produces a digital fingerprint. Another important implication is that a hash function like SHA256 is said to be collision-resistant, meaning that it is infeasible to find two messages with the same hash.


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