Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Socialism, really?

With a presidential candidate calling himself a socialist and suggesting we emulate Denmark, I want to do a little bubble bursting.  From past blog posts mentioning Denmark.  (The last one on the Scandanavian Model is the most interesting to me.)


  1. Here's the constant GDP per capita in 2005 dollars for both the United States and Denmark.


    If socialism is *always* bad, why do they still make more money per capita than we do, to the tune of over $1000 per person?

    I suspect the narrowing of the gap is largely due to the floundering state of the European economy relative to the United State's since the Great Recession, not some pathological flaw in Denmark's mix of capitalism and socialism.

  2. Also worth mentioning is that - by various metrics - the United States is the singularly most progressively taxed country on Planet Earth:


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