Monday, November 30, 2015

Pay patients, save money

Plant Money has another episode that is making me re-think my opposition to government subsidies for radio HT:  Jim F


  1. Have you ever tried to determine how much it would cost for a procedure or test before having it done at a clinic/hospital? By having health insurance, the concept of moral hazard suggests that a patient would not care where he or she received the service. Due to the insurance paying, the patient doesn’t really care the burden of the cost. However, a current program implemented allows insurance companies to go to providers that allow more affordable tests (MRI, injections, bloodwork, etc.) depending on the location. If the patient chooses the most affordable option, the patient will receive a check at a certain percentage depending the savings of going to a specific provider.

    Who is this program helping? Overall, the program is saving insurance carriers as well as the consumers in those plans. It is sharing the savings to the consumer as well as the insurance carrier. If you go to a provider that provides MRI services at $700 vs. $2,000.00 at a different facility. The patient going to the $700 facility would likely get a cost-savings check for a specific amount. In the end, everyone wins out except those who are overcharging.

    In general, this program understands the costs of healthcare and is attempting to do its part to regulate those costs in an organized way. In addition, it is combatting moral hazard in a realizable way! Great business concept!

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