Sunday, August 12, 2012

Make the rules or your rivals will: Canadian lobster edition

A warm winter has resulted in a glut of lobster this year, bringing prices to a 40-year-low.  Predictably, the Canadian Maritime Fishermen's Union formed a blockade to prevent trucks from hauling Maine lobster into Canadian plants, and enlisted help from the New Brunswick provincial government.  

To end the impasse, processors agreed to pay $3.53 per pound for live market lobster, a 50-cent increase according to the Maritime Fishermen's Union.

Half of the 50-cent increase is being paid for by the processors, the other half by the union. The union plans to take out a loan to cover the added cost.

The Union's successful foray into politics will not be their last: 
"We'll also be immediately figuring out how this can be prevented in the future."
If you reward this kind of behavior, you get more of it.  

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