Friday, May 6, 2011

The wisdom of blog readers

Our friends over at Organizations and Markets celebrate their 5th year of blogging with a list of the most popular blog posts. Its a fun read.

Management Journal Impact Factors 2008
PhD Candidate Shortage in Accounting
Agency Theory in Management
Method versus Methodology
Physics Envy and All That
Agency Theory and Intrinsic Motivation
21 Economic Models Explained
The University of Phoenix and the Economic Organization of Higher Education
Management Journal Impact Factors 2005
The SWOT Model May Be Wrong
Design Puzzles
Is Entrepreneurship a Factor of Production?
Porter’s Five Forces, Updated
Econ Courses at Open Yale
Four Theories of Profit
Summary of Dodd-Frank Act
Market-Based Management
Why Study the Humanities?
Accounting: A Brief History
Funny Professor Names
Taxes al Carbon
Keynesian Economics in Four Paragraphs
The New Bashing of Economics: The Case of Management Theory
One Part of the Financial Sector Is Still Growing
Management Journal Impact Factors 2009
In Praise of the US Auto Industry
How Does Management Affect Capabilities?
Management Journal Impact Factors 2006
March & Simon: Early Socialist Calculation Revisionists
Do We Need a Project Project?
Has Corporate Corruption Increased?
Coase and the Myth of Fisher Body
The Logic of Appropriateness
John Nash’s Dissertation
The History of Marketing
The Hawthorne Effect Revisited
What Would Hayek Say?
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road: Strategic Management Edition
How to Read an Academic Article

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