Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The article everyone is talking about

How American Health Care Killed My Father
Would our health-care system be so outrageously expensive if each American family directly spent even half of that $1.77 million that it will contribute to health insurance and Medicare over a lifetime, instead of entrusting care to massive government and private intermediaries? Like its predecessors, the Obama administration treats additional government funding as a solution to unaffordable health care, rather than its cause. The current reform will likely expand our government’s already massive role in health-care decision-making—all just to continue the illusion that someone else is paying for our care.

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  1. This article fails to mention how costly end of life issues are to the health care system in the United States. Healthcare providers could and should do a better job of preparing their patients and their families to face this inevitable stage in life.If the families had the expense to bear I feel certain we would see different decisions being made.