Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiz: which teachers will give up tenure?

Another case of Democrats doing things Republicans can only dream about. Noting that "Tenure ... has no educational value for kids; it only benefits adults," DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is offering teachers a choice:
This summer she offered a new teacher contract proposal with two options. Teachers could choose a plan under which their pay would rise spectacularly -- nearly doubling by 2010 -- in exchange for giving up tenure. Or they could opt for a smaller pay bump and still lose some seniority rights.
This "screen" will be used to weed out the good employees from the bad.

Ms. Rhee's proposal has caused a meltdown among leaders of the Washington Teachers' Union, and negotiations have collapsed. The Chancellor has raised the stakes, announcing the district would seek to dismiss tenured teachers who are ineffective. She has also hinted she'll go around the union by creating more nonunionized charter schools, or getting the federal government to deem her district in a "state of emergency."

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