Thursday, October 30, 2008

Predicting China "surprises"

Oxymoronic speculation from the McKinsey Quarterly:

  • China announces that by 2020, half of the cars in the country will be electric. It invests tens of billions of dollars in R&D toward achieving that goal.
  • The Chinese government buys a 50-year lease on an entire geographic region of Mexico, enabling Chinese companies to build factories there to supply the North American market more easily.
  • A major office block collapses in Chaoyang, Beijing’s central business district.
  • A leading Chinese company tries to buy an iconic US technology firm (or two).
  • A restructuring of China’s telecommunications industry turns into a complete consolidation.
  • The English Premier League football association buys its Chinese counterpart, the Chinese Super League.
  • Warming cross-strait relationships lead to a merger between the mainland’s Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Taiwan’s Chinatrust Commercial Bank.

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