Friday, October 10, 2008

Importing cheap medical care

Open-heart surgery, which can cost roughly $100,000 in the U.S., can be done at an internationally accredited hospital in India for just $8,500. Smells like an unconsummated wealth creating transaction:

So to make travel abroad more attractive, plans that offer medical-tourism programs often throw in a bonus for employees if they agree to undergo elective surgeries abroad, or they offer to split the cost savings between the employer and worker. Travel and accommodation costs also are sometimes reimbursed.

Maine-based supermarket chain Hannaford Bros. Co. this year began allowing its 18,000 insured workers and dependents to travel to an internationally accredited hospital in Singapore for surgical hip and knee replacements. The company's self-funded plan, which is administered by Aetna Inc., waives out-of-pocket expenses, which can save patients up to $3,000, and reimburses all travel costs.

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  1. Just for your information, Singapore is great. I have been there. I also live in India as an expat American. There are three Americans who also live in India and give their concierge services away for people who are going to India for health care. I have sampled it three times and can tell you there is nothing like it in the world, especially when your own compatriots are holding your hand all the way. Check out America's Medical Solutions at http://americasmedicalsolutions/about.html