Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I know Senator Obama is from a farm state but ...

The $307 billion farm bill rolling through Congress with overwhelming support is both "disgraceful" (NY Times) and a "scam" (WSJ) of the worst sort. It turns "environmental concern into subsidies for corn growers" and "energy concerns into subsidies for oil companies."

Barack Obama talks about taking on the special interests. This farm bill would have been a perfect opportunity to do so. But Obama supported the bill, just as he supported the 2005 energy bill that was a Christmas tree for the oil and gas industries. Obama’s support may help him win Iowa, but it will lead to higher global food prices and more hunger in Africa. Moreover, it raises questions about how exactly he expects to bring about the change that he promises.

Here is my guy:

John McCain opposed the farm bill. In an impassioned speech on Monday, he declared: “It would be hard to find any single bill that better sums up why so many Americans in both parties are so disappointed in the conduct of their government, and at times so disgusted by it.”

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