Friday, November 9, 2007

Gender gap opens: women board directors earn more

From Business Week:
In its annual director pay survey, The Corporate Library, a corporate governance and executive compensation research group, reports the median earnings for female corporate directors is $120,000. That's about $15,000 higher than the median total compensation for male directors, which is $104,375.


  1. Where's the "National Organization of Male Corporate Directors (NOMCD)" when you need them? This is clearly an example a rabid female chauvinism and rampant anti-male sexism emanating from the top down in corporate America. How can we inertly stand by in good conscience and allow such grave pay scale injustices to occur? Especially given the vital role males play in providing important paternal role models to our nations valuable youth on the domestic front.

  2. Easy, tiger. Maybe the few women who make it to these positions are especially well qualified and deserving of that pay.

    Glad to see you're advocating the importance of "paternal role models... on the domestic front."

  3. I concur enthusiastically that the market has deemed these select female directors to be worth more than there male colleagues and this is reflected in their compensation. Score one for free markets.

    The aforementioned comment was intended to be satirical in its attempt to mock how reactionary feminist organizations such as NOW would abuse the data should the result of the study been inverted in its findings. The real damage and costs to society is incurred when certain self-anointed "social crusaders" invent causes and wage shameless P.R. and litigious campaigns by falsely warping facts and playing to wrong preconceived notions.