Wednesday, November 7, 2007

$2000/kidney in the Phllipines

Kidney sales are illegal in the Phillipines but this CNN video documents a thriving black market. A surprising policy proposal to help the donors.


  1. Of course, leave it to CNN to put a sad and slanted perspective on this subject. The fact of the matter remains that if someone wants to sell their kidney, they are not forced to do so. Any "regrets" mentioned in this article are secondary issues from the main point of the story. I applaud the Phillipine government for stepping in and regulating so that more of these transactions go smoothly. If it has been medically proven that humans are at little risk having one kidney, then people should be able to choose whatever they wish with the other. (I speak from experience of only having 1 kidney.)

  2. That story is truly one sided. Both the donors and recipients of kidneys are better off as a result of the life saving operations. The fact that there was a fire in the villages that destroyed their homes is an unfortunate coincidence and is a weak main argument made by journalist. Perhaps they might have tried to find someone who benefited, or maybe even showed a recipient whose life was saved as a result of the operation to balance the story. Thank you, CNN for your editorializing of the issue and altogether poor journalism.