Monday, July 31, 2023

Shopify makes visible the hidden cost of meetings

From the High Lantern Group:
When the Shopify COO grew tired of pointless, time-draining meetings, he launched a calculator embedded in everyone’s calendars. It displays the “cost” of every meeting with three or more people...A typical 30 minute endeavor with three employees can run from $700 up to $1,600. Adding an executive — like Chief Operating Officer Kaz Nejatian, who built the program during a company-wide hack day — can shoot the cost above $2,000…
“No one at Shopify would expense a $500 dinner,” Nejatian said in an interview. “But lots and lots of people spend way more than that in meetings without ever making a decision. The goal of this thing is to show you that time is money. If you have to spend it, you think about it.”

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