Saturday, August 3, 2019

AI makes marketing more powerful

There are two kinds of Artificial Intelligence (AI): symbolic logic, where automated rules replace human decision making; and machine learning, where outcomes, like sales, are related to policy, like advertising copy, to infer causality.  This from the WSJ seems to describe machine learning by Persado software:

In one test, a headline by human copywriters urged consumers to “Access cash from the equity in your home,” with the call to action “Take a look.” A variant created by Persado was headlined “It’s true—You can unlock cash from the equity in your home” and suggested “Click to apply.” 
The Persado version generated 47 weekly applications for home equity lines of credit, compared with 25 for the original version, JPMorgan Chase said.

Machine learning is designed to improve when given more data, like the A/B testing described above. In  general, following up marketing campaigns with A/B testing is a really good idea, regardless of whether you are using AI or not. 

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