Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hope for would-be home owners and renters from California!

The State of California is consider a measure that would loosen zoning restrictions near "transit rich" areas, like subway stops.
The impact could be huge. A Times analysis found that about 190,000 parcels in L.A. neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes are located in the “transit rich” areas identified in SB 827. Residences in those neighborhoods could eventually be replaced with buildings ranging from 45 to 85 feet, city officials say.
Increasing housing supply would not only reduce price and help would-be home-owners and renters, but it would also reduce our collective carbon footprint because California, with its mild climate, is one of the "greenest" places to live. 

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  1. Here in Seattle, zoning is the biggest barrier that prevents developers from constructing housing. Most of the city is off limits to multiple family construction. Other barriers, incorporated into building codes, prevent construction of smaller housing units.