Monday, November 28, 2016

REPOST: Economists help humans get dates

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Economists help humans get dates

TED Talk on how economists help Internet companies solve problems

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  1. Froeb,
    The notion of predictive dating in an online setting is an interesting concept to explore thru artificial scarcity. How are dating techniques associated with success or failure of men’s across dating sites? The idea of putting a limiting factor on the number of date offer that men have against women across these sites is an interesting concept, it does not only limit the opportunity selection for man but equally encourage them to make wiser decision in their offer process since their opportunities are limited in a quota basis.
    In the one hand, the limiting factor reduce the number of request women were getting which subsequently created more interesting men candidates but equally increase their interest for the offers they were getting. While artificial scarcity is certainly at play in this dating example, constraining the number of offers by candidates, in this case men, was a potential factor for women to have more interest in the actual offers they were getting. The limiting factor of having a set number of opportunity for months to make a dating request allow men to make more informative decision in their selection process, meaning they would engage in reading the woman profile to forecast potential areas of equality or interest. Artificial scarcity is certainly and interesting topic to explore further not only in dating industry but also across many other areas of the eCommerce segment.