Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why does women's pay fall behind after they have children?

Note the last sentence by the reporter: after she identifies a likely reason for the pay differential, she asks "is this an appropriate reflection of their lower productivity?," implying that someone else (perhaps the government) would be able to choose a better compensating differential than the market.


  1. This is an interesting topic in my field of Medical Sales (commission based salaries ). When a woman bears a child she is entitled to a certain amount of paid leave. However, no one is assigned to her territory and is as directly incentivized as she is to ensure that it grows revenue. At best her manager and other sales reps in the region will help to "keep it afloat".

  2. I would be willing to sign a promise not to ever take off from work in order to have children. No problem! Sign me up! No need to discount my wages in anticipation of something that won't happen in the future. -Adelyn