Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How do all the roses get to us on Valentine's day?

Start with the problem: Then hear the answer:


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  2. As explained in the videos, roses and other flowers are in high demand on and around Valentine’s day. Since the United States can’t produce the mass amount needed due to environmental factors, they must come from other countries with different climates. Not only is it important for the flowers to be grown in a good climate, but they also try to grow them in countries with low labor costs.

    Another factor to take into consideration is that “Chemical pollution is an issue. The cut-flower industry is a short-cycle production process that requires the extensive use of agrochemicals which have a negative effect on the air, soil and water supply” (Buckingham, 2016). Many of these chemicals are able to be used in some other countries where they wouldn’t be able to be used in the United States. Flowers are costly around Valentine’s Day here in the United States, but they may be costing other countries their environment.

    Buckingham, K. (2016, February 10). What are the environmental costs of Valentine's Day flowers? Retrieved February 18, 2016, from http://www.eco-business.com/opinion/what-are-the-environmental-costs-of-valentines-day-flowers/

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  4. With Mother’s day around the corner I found this article (or video explanation) particularly interesting. I cannot help but think about the fact that all of the holidays are centered on gift giving. It’s an on going attempt and push to get everyone spending money. Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day or any other holiday reminds me of the case study on magazines and cover gifts. Similar to some magazines and their promotional schemes, flowers are usually sold with other items in an attempt to stay competitive and attract more customers. Would it hurt local mom & pop shop stores to offer just flowers than it would hurt big retailers like Walmart? While I don’t have the statistics to provide an accurate answer it’s safe to say that mom & pop shop stores should offer a variety of different flower sets in order to attract consumers from going to the big retailers.