Friday, November 14, 2014

How does TPG (a private equity firm) make money?


  1. TPG is a private equity firm that invests in a portfolio of companies that span multiple sectors and asset classes. Private equity firms invest in non public companies or purchase businesses with the intention to either turn around the company's operation strategy, reformat the company for a stronger resale value, or position the company for an initial public offering.

    Due to the strong number of M&A transactions of 2014, private equity firms have steadily gained more public attention. A most recent example would be 3G Capital's announcement to merge their Heinz brand with Kraft. The acquisition will give 3G a stronger position in the food and consumer goods industry as well as hopefully put Kraft in a better operating position.

    TPG has some restructuring and retooling to do as of late. Recently they announced an interest in purchasing Avon, a multi level marketing agency. According to some reports, TPG has faced some fund raising troubles and performance bumps relating to failed investments. (Marino, 2015) It's still early in the year but only time will tell if TPG can turn around their firm and go public.

    Marino, J. (2015). SOURCES: Private equity giant TPG Capital is falling short of its $10 billion fundraising target. Business Insider. Retrieved from:

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