Friday, August 22, 2014

REPOST: John Stossel's Greed


  1. Yes, Here is another justification for capitalism and greed. The video shows that greed (but really self interest) puts beef on the table. I agree, Capitalism puts beef on the table, but so does Socialism and Communism. However, all of this is just one side of the story How about before capitalism – everyone was allowed to hunt and own cows. The laws of a capitalistic society cannot own cows, rabbits, chicken, and/or goats in my city - you have to live in the country far away from other people. Why? It might interfere with the beef industry. I cannot fish in the lakes or rivers without a permit and they put limits on it plus they let industries dump toxic wastes into the waters. How did people eat and live before Walmart?

    I respectfully disagree with the video in that that CEO's justify making $100,000.000 and its workers make minimum wage or slightly above. That its board members make profits of billions of dollars a year and yet, cannot pay health insurance for its workers (like Walmart and etc.). I cannot agree that this is fair.

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