Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TW/CBS Negotiations

Time-Warner and CBS are in the middle of a nasty negotiation dispute over how of a fee Time-Warner should pay to carry CBS programming. This has happened before. This time though, websites like Aereo provide viewers with an increased ability to view CBS over the Internet. According to the New York Times,
While Time Warner Cable does not seem ready or willing to deploy Aereo-like technology, a spokeswoman, Maureen Huff, said Sunday that it would recommend Aereo to its New York subscribers if CBS was blacked out. The distributor may also underline the fact that Aereo, which normally costs $8 a month, offers a 30-day free trial. (Ms. Huff also pointed out that many CBS shows are available online on a delayed basis, and that “all of CBS’s broadcast TV programming is available free over-the-air,” so subscribers can use antennas.)

This raises the disagreement value for Time-Warner and likely lowers its fee.

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