Sunday, July 8, 2012

Patient Affordability and Care Act, explained

HT:  Carpe Diem


  1. I especially like the taxes. So if you are among the working poor, like I am, thanks to the economy, I will pay a tax, fine, fee or whatever for being unable to afford a $20,000 per year insurance policy. If I have to sell my house to pay for medical treatment, there's a tax on that too. Do these taxes, fines, fees or penalties mean that I can have health insurance? Nope, it's just more punishment for being unable to afford the ASTRONOMICAL PRICE of health care insurance. Nor can I afford the fines, fees, taxes and/or penalties. What a deal. Why can't we start by eliminating things like "amnesia for all" sedation? Can't we allow some freedom for prescription shopping? I can think of lots of things to bring the COST down so that we could all enjoy 'affordable health care' without the ACT!