Thursday, February 9, 2012

Online Dating You Can Trust (more)

I have been "off the market" for close to three decades, but I am told that people are not completely honest when they describe themselves to prospective dates. (I'm shocked, shocked to find out that moral hazard is a problem in hookups.) This misrepresentation is often an even a bigger problem in online dating sites. If only there was a way to keep online daters more honest.

Sites like try to solve the problem by being an honest broker in the vetting of information. The site tries to accomplish the same thing by crowd-sourcing the information. That is, you link your dating profile to your social media information (i.e., Facebook). Your Facebook friends can see how you represent yourself to prospective partners as can prospective partners see your Facebook information.


  1. It's the saddest fact nowadays, some people tend to lie specially in describing their selves. I'm glad that the two dating sites you mentioned above is making a way just to improve their services to their members.

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