Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The alternatives to agreement...

...determine the terms of agreement. Thanks to a Toyota dealer in Kenosha who is also CarMax dealer, consumers have a good "outside" option to use when they bargain with their local Toyota dealers. The Kenosha dealer lists all their inventory on the CarMax website, priced at about 90% of MSRP, which is about where dealer cost should be (according to Consumer Reports). If your local dealer doesn't come down to that price, take a road trip to Kenosha. Online buyers seem excited:
Has anyone from Il-Chicago bought a brand new Toyota at CarMax,Kenosha WI ? They advertise brand new HL below MSRP. From the numbers I have seen, better deal than local Toyota dealerships. I am not sure how it all works out in terms of registering the car in IL, warranty and taxes. Anyone has any idea ?

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