Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FedEx threatening Congress

The US Congress is currently considering a law that would make it easier for unions to organize at locations like FedEx. FedEx's response: the company is currently threatening to cancel the purchase of billions of dollars worth of new cargo planes from Boeing if the law passes. Only about 1.5% of FedEx's employees are unionized (just the pilots) compared to over 1/2 of UPS' workforce. According to a FexEx spokesman, "the legislation could cripple the company and eliminate the need for the extra planes."


  1. You mean there are actually still businessmen in this country after all who aren't going to roll over? Maybe there is some hope afterall...

  2. Fact: UPS and FEDEX distribution centers are across the street from one another.
    Assumption: The routes for the two companies (ones on which my residence is included) are similar.
    Observatons: FEDEX packages arrive by lunch time. UPS packages arrive after dinner. I often see the UPS driver at the pizza parlor one block from my office around 5 PM.
    I am wondering if unions create complacency? You think!?

  3. Great to see that there are still business men in this country with some stones .