Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Buys Lottery Tickets?

A former student sent this link which is almost enough that you need not read the story. It seems that "Kansas lottery winners accidentally blow up house while celebrating with meth, marijuana."

Hat tip: Brandon Vanderford


  1. I actually read about this a few weeks ago. I find it crazy that people win the lottery and completely ruin their lives with the money. If it were me I think the hardest choice I would have to make would be- lump sum, or annuity payments? I don't need a lot to be happy so I'd set myself up with a nice house at the beach and live out my days in relaxation...

  2. Seems funny when I first read about it, but then I can't help thinking how some people nowadays don't give a damn about investing and taking care of their future. If I ever win the lottery, I will setup my own crime scene clean up business and payout all my debts. treating my family with a vacation would be nice, but I wouldn't use up all the money partying and celebrating.